Monday, July 17, 2006

Funny Joke (Pharmacist)

A guy named Jim was going on a date with a girl for the first time when he decided that he was going to try and have sex with her. He figured the first step was to go and make sure he was properly equipped for the evening. As he approached the counter at the pharmacy he was faced with multiple decisions. Did he want the extra sensitive condom? flavored? Small box? Extra Large Box? After some discussion with the pharmacist he decides to purchase the extra large flavored box of condoms. He speaks with the girl and finds out the evening plans involve dinner with the family before going out on the town. After dinner was served, the father ask everyone to bow there heads for the prayer. After the prayer was finished, the girl looks at here date and realizes he still has his head down. She says "Jim, I didnt know you were so religous." and Jim quickly responds "And I didnt know your dad was a pharmacist!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Love Start!

Hi Everyone, Let me start by saying, that I have recently started this blog and look to add to it frequently. I have been in many relationships and feel that I have a lot of knowledge regarding relationships and different aspects. This includes date ideas, important keys to relationships, the way that women and men think, and many other things. I am a male college student and look forward to answering any questions for anyone. No matter how serious or futile the issue. Anyways, please stay tuned as I begin to build an incredible blog that will help anyone who is in a relationship. Please come back and visit soon! Thanks!
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